About Us

 A map of the USA with dots showing the density of where Hydrolyte sales take place

What Are We All About?

MMA Nutrition was founded on a very simple concept: providing affordable, clinically-dosed supplements to athletes.

We ensure every ingredient has been subject to clinical trials backing its effectiveness and dosages, as shown on the research page. There are no secret blends, and the supplements here have been formulated by a chemist, chemical engineer, and then reviewed by an MD and a clinical dietitian.

We make sure athletes get what they deserve to perform at the highest level, no matter the sport. We here at MMA Nutrition strive for one thing: We Overdeliver. You Overachieve.

 Image of CEO of MMA Nutrition, Mina Elias, quoting "I'm just doing my best to help out my teammates and fellow athletes. I know our supplements are going to be the best because I care about them and I'm doing it for them.